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Hala Al Saeed

TV Presenter

Hala Al-Saeed participated in
presenting several television programs, including : (Ezz Al Shabab program on the Egyptian Rotana channel - Shabab Al Balad on the Sada Al Balad channel – Ahsan Nas on MBC Egypt – Al Nas Al Helwa on Cairo and Al Nas channel).


Hala Al-Saeed, a young artist,
participated in many films, most
notably: (The Last Dick in Egypt,
starring the artist Mohamed Ramadan, the Blind Plan with the star Ali Rabie). In addition to her participation in many TV series mainly(

Hala Al-Saeed Bio..

Hala Al-Saeed is a graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences. After her graduation, she decided to study Media. Her ambition was realized when she worked as a broadcaster for the first time in the "Prime Years /Ezz Al Shabab/" TV show on the Egyptian Rotana channel in 2011.


During her studies at the institute she participated in many television and film works, including


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